JOMO London


A luxurious CBD infused versatile massage, body and arousal oil-

 designed to calm and enhance the experience of intimacy. 


but experiencing the here & now


  • Jomo London is a sensual massage and arousal oil. The blend of botanical oils infused with CBD makes Jomo London a multipurpose product, a natural gliding arousal oil, a beneficial massage or day to day body oil. Our CBD Arousal Oil seeks to make intimacy a comfortable and pleasurable experience.
  • Massage, moisturise and heal with our transformational oil. Featuring the finest ingredients and a sensual scent, our versatile oil alleviates anxiety, pain, and relaxes your muscles, harmonising your body and mind.
  • Products handmade in the UK. Made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Specially formulated with a woman’s PH in mind. We believe a healthy vagina and vulva is the foundation to the pursuit of pleasure.

“Explore your body, embrace your sexuality, empower yourself, enhance your intimacy and enjoy the moments with JOMO London.”

JOMO Co-founders Liv Bentley and Bella Campbell have released their first product. The all natural Jomo London CBD arousal oil. A sensual massage and arousal oil, created to enhance intimacy and pleasure.

“Anything that supports our mental health and wellbeing should be celebrated. Sex and sexual arousal is one of the best self-care methods there is! We want to encourage people to enjoy their sexuality and break the taboo by talking openly and helping others to enhance their feelings of wellbeing though sexual enjoyment and exploration.”

JOMO London

CBD Arousal Oil

JOMO London CBD Arousal Oil

JOMO London
CBD Arousal Oil

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CBD Arousal Oil