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Learn about what inspired us to start a sexual wellness revolution…


Liv Bentley is mostly known for being on reality TV show Made In Chelsea.

Throughout her teenage years she suffered with hair loss and was too embarrassed to seek help. After opening up about it and discussing it on Made In Chelsea she realised how common a problem it really was. Having been so open and honest about what she went through it opened a door to other people who suffer with it to not be ashamed and self conscious about it.

Empowering women is something she strives for and strongly feels that no one should suffer in silence. She wants to use the platform that she has to help encourage and enable anyone and everyone to never feel like they are going through  something alone. This is where sexual health and wellness comes into it. By openly discussing our more intimate health issues she hopes to take the shame and embarrassment out of it and inspire more people to openly discuss their wants and needs.


Bella Campbell is known as celebrity make-up artist working in TV, and also as a pilates teacher.

Growing up, Bella suffered from physical and mental health issues, being wheelchair and bed bound played a huge impact on her life. She didn’t believe in giving up and sought allopathic help from both doctors and alternative complimentary medicine.

Bella embraced her journey to recovery after doctors said they couldn’t do anything, which is where her passion for natural remedies and treatments started. Bella cured herself naturally in conjunction with traditional doctor’s prescriptions/ medicine when needed.

She has now learnt to talk openly of her continuous journey which initially drummed up all the typical feelings of shame, embarrassment, in turn affecting her confidence and self-worth. Bella believes that mental health plays a huge part on our physical health, which is another huge part of Bella’s exploration of mind and body connection.

Bella wants to help others try and reduce the stigmas surrounding what “social norms” dictate and the impact it can have on us.